Metro Detroit businesses affected by extreme cold weather

Posted at 4:23 PM, Jan 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-05 16:23:01-05

Is this cold blast slowing down business?

Many stores and restaurants have been experiencing slower days.

They say it could be because people aren't leaving their homes because it's just too cold.

Nine Mile in Ferndale sees a lot of foot traffic, but not today.

Layne Thiele is the kitchen manager for Zeke's BBQ in Ferndale.

"It has been super quiet in here," he said.

Zeke's BBQ is normally packed for lunch, especially on a Friday.

But these cold temperatures are freezing business.

"Sometimes I will come to this parking lot, you can't get a spot. Yesterday, it was almost empty," he explained. "Normally people are walking, nobody's walking out here. Not unless they have to."

Between the low temperatures and wind chill factors, lots of folks would rather stay in.

Because of slow business, Zeke's cut down on prep work and even sent employees home these past two days.

But, they insist this is the perfect destination when it is this cold outside!

"We got chilly, corn chowder today, so warm up," he added. "Do barbecue, pretend it's warm outside. It's warm in here."