Metro Detroit driver unharmed after semi tire slams into pickup truck on I-75

Posted at 9:57 PM, Nov 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-28 15:02:08-05

Todd Kananen was driving along I-75 near the Clio Road exit in Genesee County when a semi-truck tire struck his brand new Ram - totaling it. 

"It was like a bomb going off inside the vehicle, there was glass spraying everywhere," Kananen explained. 

The energy consultant said he was returning to his home in Howell from his a short vacation in the thumb. Shortly after entering southbound I-75 near Clio, he said he noticed a large object headed right for his truck. 

"It's definitely something I've never witnesses before," Kananen said. 

Two big rig wheels came free from a semi-truck traveling in the opposite direction. One of them struck Kananen's Dodge Ram head-on, causing extensive damage. 

"It hit the front part of the hood and then rolled up onto the roof," Kananen explained. 

Thankfully, he was not injured, but his new truck was totaled.

"I just picked it up a few weeks ago from the dealership, I haven't even made the first payment," he added. 

The Howell native said the officer at the scene told him the big rig that lost the wheels and tires was pulled over a few miles down the road and it appeared important maintenance was ignored. 

Kananen said the tow truck driver at the scene explained that another freak accident happened in almost the same spot on the highway. 

October 18, Kenneth White was killed when five teenagers threw rocks from an overpass - striking the vehicle White was traveling in. 

Kananen said he is always alert while driving, but feels if this would have happened to a distracted driver, it's possible the reaction could have caused a driver to swerve and result in a deadly accident.  

"Drivers really need to be aware out there, there are lots of semis on the road."