Metro Detroit gun dealers see uptick in sales

Posted at 5:47 PM, Dec 07, 2015

The holiday season is generally a busier time at Action Impact Firearms & Training Center. But, owner Bill Kucyk says more and more people have been walking through his doors at both the Southfield and Eastpointe locations looking to pack heat.

"People are legitimately afraid," Kucyk said. "They’re constantly seeing acts of terrorism on television, they’re seeing some active shooters. Now, we’re kind of feeling vulnerable here, and we’re vulnerable anywhere in our society that we go," he added.

The jump in weapons sales is a nationwide trend, as people flock to buy guns and ammunition after the recent shootings in Paris, Colorado Springs, and San Bernardino.

The New York Times recently reported 185,345 Americans had their backgrounds checked to buy guns this Black Friday - more than any other day on record. 

“It is disturbing and it is unsettling, but it’s the way of the world now, which is what I’m concerned about," Kucyk said.

More people are applying for concealed pistol licenses too, and Kucyk says his CPS classes - offered four days a week - are always full.

"We don’t know what this country is like or what might take place," said Detroit resident Charlie Thomas. Thomas has had his CPL for about a month now. He got one to protect his wife and kids and he argues that safety isn't guaranteed until you take it into your own hands.

Even as President Obama calls for tightening the country’s gun laws, Kucyk says it likely won’t quiet the call to arms.

“I think that attitude’s going to continue and I think it should continue," he said.