Superior Township homeowners sue USPS to have zip code changed

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Posted at 5:54 PM, Sep 17, 2020
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SUPERIOR TWP. (WXYZ) — Homeowners in an upscale neighborhood are suing the U.S. Postal Service in hopes of getting their zip code changed from Ypsilanti to Ann Arbor.

"It's a big deal," said Kathy Marx. "We feel we are Ann Arbor. When people ask me where do I live, I say Ann Arbor."

And while Marx and other homeowners living in Superior Township's Glennborogh subdivision are closer to Ann Arbor than Ypsilanti, their zip code – 48189 – puts them in Ypsilanti. And for years, the Homeowners Association has been asking the U.S. Post Office to change their zip code to 48105.

"We're Ann Arbor schools and utilities, and everything except our zip code," Marx said.

And this week they filed a lawsuit in hopes that a judge will side with them and make the change.

"It affects the ability to sell your home," Marx said. "We're not looking and your insurance rates are high because they have to do it by 48198 and not 48105."

Long-time realtor Latanya Keith says Superior Township is a sought after location.

"In Glennborough's case, you have larger lots, huge homes, (and) the taxes are lower so that's appealing and you're right off of (M-14)," said Keith, who represents Keller Williams Realty in Ann Arbor.

She added that the mailing address often matters to clients.

"Ypsilanti has always not had the best image for various reasons, but Ann Arbor has always been very popular, very sought after," Keith said.

Ken Schwartz is the supervisor for Superior Township.

"The Ypsilanti address jogs through the township in kind of a crazy, somewhat irrational, fashion," he said. "It just makes sense to put that kind of density into Ann Arbor and it would alleviate costs for the post office because now they don't have to serve all those homes from Ypsilanti."

A spokesperson for the post office says requests to change a zip code are thoroughly reviewed to determine if operational and financial conditions justify a change and improve the efficiency of delivery. However, that's exactly why homeowners in Superior Township want the switch.

"It seems like it should be a real money saver for them," Marx added.

Schwartz adding that where they live in Superior Township is about 2 miles from the nearest post office and it's about 7 miles to the Ypsilanti one.

"They have just dismissed us and that's why we brought the lawsuit to let them know we're serious," Marx said.

Read the full lawsuit below.

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