Metro Detroit leaders call for active shooter drills in schools

Posted at 6:00 AM, Feb 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-16 06:00:29-05

As the investigation continues into the mass shooting at a Florida high school that left 17 people dead, there a new plan in the works for one metro Detroit community.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts and Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer are looking to make sure the city's schools are ready in the event of an attack.

The two are joining forces to help students and staff be more prepared.

Fouts said he's proposing that schools have active shooter training drills similar to what we've seen in some churches.

The schools do train for these types of events, and Fouts says that's already been going well, but working together can only help.

In a Facebook post, Fouts wrote a list of things he wants to do. That includes better communication about troubled students with the school and police, Facebook monitoring, providing police liaisons in the schools and a poster campaign urging students to talk when they hear or see something.

Fouts and Dwyer plan to put a proposal together with ideas and suggestions for schools and police officers to use.