Macomb Co. man flying confederate flag says 'black people' aren't welcome

Posted at 5:20 AM, Aug 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-18 07:55:01-04

A Roseville resident put up a confederate flag on his home Tuesday night, which has offended some his neighbors.

The man lives on Ronald Street and it is clear what the Confederate flag means to him. He said, "That means not welcome."

7 Action News asked him who is not welcome? He said, "Arabic people. Black people."

He did not want to give us his name but did not mind giving us his opinion.

The man tells us he is an Army veteran who was injured in Iraq.

He says his injuries impaired his speech, but not his freedom of speech.

He has Nazi symbol tattoos and says he supports Hitler because he is of German descent.

We asked him what would he say to people who are offended by his flag?

His answer: "I've got nothing to say."

We got tipped off about the flag when a Facebook user saw it as she drove around Roseville Tuesday.

The man patiently answered our questions and respectfully referred to 7 Action News Reporter Syma Chowdhry as "ma'am."

But he says he doesn't regret putting up the Confederate flag.

That doesn't mean neighbors like it.

One man tells us this is not reflective of the Roseville community.

"I think it's offensive to a lot of people," a neighbor said.

We talked with several neighbors off camera and some of them said they do not mind the flag but we couldn't get them to state that on the record.

The mayor of Roseville had this statement:

"The City of Roseville does not promote the flying of a Confederate Flag by anyone but it is the right of our citizens to fly one if they feel it's necessary which is a right given to them by our US Constitution. I will personally have our code enforcement personnel check on this residence to make sure that no code enforcement violations are occurring. Roseville does not promote racism or any type of bigotry our city is a very diverse community which revolves around family and friends."