Metro Detroit man George Papadopoulis mistaken for Trump advisor

Posted at 6:08 PM, Oct 31, 2017

This week, former foreign policy advisor for Donald Trump George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about the Russian government’s ties to the campaign.

Right away, a Novi financial planner with the same name started getting harassed on social media. 

This is an example of the hate tweets that a Novi man named George Papadopoulis started receiving: “can't wait to watch u try to wriggle out of this one, trump advisor george papadopoulos.” 

He responded in fantastic fashion, saying, “ I AM not that guy. Visiting my mother in Greece now and can assure you I am getting so fat eating the dishes she makes for me, so no wiggling.” 

It continued on. He made jokes saying he was guilty, guilty of eating too many spinach pies. 

When he tweeted ”For the nth time, I am NOT Trump's foreign policy adviser! I have NO association with the Trump camp! NONE!"  thousands responded or retweeted.

Washington Post columnist John Kelly - who shares a name with the White House Chief of Staff offered sympathy. He sent out a tweet saying -  "I feel your pain, George.”