Metro Detroit man stranded in Caribbean in a race against time

Posted at 10:34 PM, Sep 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-09 23:53:45-04

A local family says their loved ones are dealing with a medical emergency, after Hurricane Irma ripped through St. Thomas. Most of the island is without running water and electricity as they brace for yet another potentially dangerous storm, Hurricane Jose. 

The Michigan couple stuck in the danger zone was supposed to be picked up at Detroit Metro Airport. But then Hurricane Irma cancelled their flight. 

The family of Washtenaw County commissioner, Alicia Ping, says Ping's husband, David Shand ran out of his heart medications days ago. And they desperately need to get him home. 

Jessica Ping-Hausman says her sister, Alicia Ping, and her brother-in-law, David Shane, have been stranded in St. Thomas after Hurricane Irma ravaged the U.S. Virgin Islands. Alicia's husband, a former NHL player and coach at U of M, ran out of his medicine on Wednesday. 

"He did get aspirin and he's taking it everyday, but it's important he does get his heart medicine," Jessica says. 

Jessica says Shand has had six heart attacks. Now the family fears for his health as the couple remains stranded with little ability to communicate and few places to get food. 

"There is no power - no water…. She said the other day she spent $100 on 3 liters of water and a couple granola bars," Jessica said. 

Jessica has called on other local elected officials to help with Shand's medical emergency. She's been making calls and sending emails around the clock, as another potentially catastrophic storm, Hurricane Jose, closes in. 

She's even called the Department of Tourism in St. Thomas, Delta Airlines and cruise ships in the Carribean to see if anyone can bring them home. And now the family fears for Shand's life. 

"Everyone is freaking out… for their safety but also for his health and I just think for their overall wellness," Jessica said. 

The family fears time is running out for Shand.