Metro Detroit mother sues child treatment center over assault on her son

Posted at 11:24 PM, Nov 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-10 23:24:07-05

A Metro Detroit mother is speaking out and seeking justice for her seven-year-old son.

The Wayne County parent sent her son to Whaley Children’s Center in Flint. This, at the recommendation of his therapist.

He was expected to receive round-the-clock care for the psychiatric and mental challenges he is battling. Instead, she says, when not supervised her son was sexually victimized by another resident at the facility. 

“I just feel like my son was lead to the wolves,” she tells 7 Action News.

The family has filed a lawsuit against Whaley and the employee who was supposed to be watching her child. The family attorney says every time he opens up the file, he gets sick to his stomach.

“My clients deserve justice. They deserve to be heard,” says attorney Bradley Peri.

Whaley declined an on camera interview.

A spokesperson issued a statement saying:

Our policy does not allow us to comment on active litigation. We believe that sensitive cases like this should not be tried in the media.