Metro Detroit officers offered free ice cream for life after solving crime

Posted at 4:45 PM, Oct 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-12 21:22:25-04

An ice cream shop in Center Line had party for police officers after they caught the man who broke-in their business and stole thousands of dollars.

The owners of Dairy Freezzz are thanking police officers after they caught a serial burglar.

Authorities believe the man is a "definite detriment to society."

Police say the suspect caught on surveillance video is Nathaniel Lee Browder.

After breaking the window, the suspect walked out of the shop with thousands of dollars.

The shop owners offered a reward of free ice cream for life for anyone who had information on the suspect.

Suzanne Cox is the owner Dairy Freezzz.

"When I talked to the detective, I said, 'well, was there any tips or anything?' And they said they did it on their own so they deserve it," she said.

We're told, the suspect was caught on camera breaking into bars and ice cream shops in other nearby cities.

He was arrested last week after police say they followed the man, eventually catching him committing another crime.

Center Line Director of Public Safety Paul Myszenski explained, "(He’s a) die hard felon. We're talking getting out of prison not too long ago and going right back into the same business that he was in before."

Police believe Browder is responsible for at least 20 breaking and enterings since he was released from prison in May.

The shop wanted to give the officers free ice cream for life, even though they will not likely take them up on that offer.

"The truth of the matter is, they were dedicated to catch them no matter what. This just is, you could say it's the cherry on the ice cream," Myszenski added.

The suspect was arrested and arraigned last week. 

Browder will be back in court Oct. 25.