Metro Detroit teen nearly hit by stray bullet in her home

Posted at 3:52 PM, Aug 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-29 16:25:57-04

A 14-year-old Allen Park girl is thankful to be alive after a stray bullet went through her ceiling and missed her by just a couple of feet.

"I feel like it could've actually killed me," Adari Torres said.

Adari was drawing in her dormer, next to her room, last Wednesday night when she said she heard a crashing noise. She looked and found a hole in her ceiling and a bullet on the floor.

Adari ran to her parents terrified, she didn't know if someone was targeting their home.

"If it was going to keep shooting or it was one time," she said.

She found the bullet on the floor.

"We didn't touch it because we didn't know what to do."

Det. James Thorburn of Allen Park Police said, "What goes up, will come down."

Police were called to the home on Cambridge Avenue.

They believe someone with a high powered rifle may have been shooting up in the air, as far as a few miles away, possibly in a neighboring city.

Thorburn added, "A lot of consequences relayed through such a reckless act.

Adari has been avoiding that room ever since.

"These few days I haven't really been in there. I've been sleeping with my parents because I'm still a little frightened," she said.

Police say it's not common for them to get calls about people shooting bullets in the air, but when they do, the results could be dangerous.

Thorburn explained, "It's going to land, there's no way it's not going to land, you have no idea where it's going to land and you would be responsible for that round, no matter if you shoot it up in the air and it drifts and hits somebody or a car, you're responsible for it."