Metro Detroit veterans group upset over removal of POW/MIA flag

Posted at 10:10 PM, Jun 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-23 05:41:47-04

There’s controversy in Livingston County. Some are crying foul over a flag meant to represent great honor and tremendous sacrifice.

The debate centers around a veteran's memorial in Brighton and the new position of the POW/MIA Flag, representing the Prisoners of War - Missing in Action. It was first placed on the poll next to the American Flag.

Army veteran Brian Bradford tells 7 action news he is outraged that the Brighton Veteran's Memorial Committee voted to move the POW/MIA Flag to different location, where he believes, it doesn’t belong.

Bradford also shares that although the guidelines and protocol concerning the positioning of the flag are unwritten  but understood, the change doesn’t honor and respect the veterans as it should.

“Recently the POW/MIA flag representing 88,000 men and women who never came home was removed and put to the rear side of the memorial, where it’s almost not seen when you walk straight on, in its place the Michigan state is there. It’s disrespectful”, says Bradford.

7 Action News reached out to William Rubin, chairman of the Brighton Veteran's Memorial Committee. Though Rubin tells us he believes the placement of the POW/MIA flag is appropriate. He maintains that the committee is open to discussing the matter and it does not have to be a done deal.