Metro Detroit woman finds pile of human feces in apartment building

Posted at 6:41 PM, Oct 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-05 15:42:33-04

It’s a sight Wayne resident Yolanda Walker says she never expected to see.

Walker, who lives at Newberry Square Apartments with her elderly mother, says she was on a routine walk with her dogs but was stopped in her tracks.

"I noticed when I got down to the bottom stairwell that there was a pile of human feces in the corner," she said.

She showed us photos of the waste left behind that she says resembled that of a human more than a dog.

Despite immediately reporting it, she says it all sat there for three days before someone even attempted to clean it up.

Walker suspects it was a homeless person, saying she sees many often wandering the building, coming out of a nearby park.

What concerns her is that no one will ever actually know.

"They have no security cameras in either stairwell, no cameras in the hallways so you can’t see who’s going in and out of the apartment. No surveillance in the parking lot." 

And the parking lot is where she says her family is facing even more problems -- her car being vandalized.

She says she asked property management to consider putting security in, but they tell her it’s not a top priority.

Meanwhile, residents in this mostly senior building say they’ve been grappling with another serious issue: no air conditioning.

"The temperature was climbing in here. Some days it would be 81. The highest it got was 83," Walker said.

With the A/C out for two weeks during September’s heat wave, Walker says it’s been especially hard on her mother Judy, who suffers from edema and congestive heart failure.

Walker says she's reported it to Eglinton Management, which oversees the property, but hasn't gotten anything resolved. 

The Channel 7 Taking Action team went to the property’s management for answers. We couldn't get anyone on site, but did speak to the property’s owner by phone.   

In a statement, the company said, "...We are working on [the] AC problems. Our maintenance guys already flushed almost all AC units...”

After speaking to management, the A/C has been restored in most apartments. Some units, however, are still waiting.

As for the surveillance, management says they are meeting to discuss where cameras should go inside and outside of the building.

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