Michigan Appeals Court upholds conviction against Bob Bashara

Posted at 11:03 AM, Sep 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-21 12:44:13-04

A Michigan Appeals Court has upheld the conviction against Bob Bashara in the murder of his wife, Jane.

According to the Michigan Court of Appeals, Bashara "failed to establish that any of his claims warrant relief."

In his appeal, Bashara and his attorneys made several claims as to why he should get a new trial, including that his right to a fair trial was violated because the original trial was held in Wayne County and said jury selection procedures used by the court violated his right to a fair trial.

Bashara was convicted on multiple charges, including murder, in his wife's death. He was also convicted for trying to hire a hitman to kill Joe Gentz.

He previously fought for a new trial that included him taking the stand in his defense. On the stand, he talked abou this secret life of S&M in great detail.

"It was over a period of days or months that I started learning and understanding what these women were going through." Bashara said. "They were being abused and poorly treated in the name of lifestyle, when all these men wanted rough sex.

"So, I felt that was something that I could do to learn and I got into the lifestyle by talking to people," he added.

Bashara also told the court he was different from other men in the lifestyle because he helped one of his former submissives get a job.

He also talked about his relationship with his wife, Jane, and what she knew about his so-called "secret life" of domination.

"She knew that I was viewing the lifestyle, I can't say for her what she actually knew, but we did not discuss my involvement in the lifestyle," he said. "She described it as weird sex."

He also talked about why he decided to testify in his fight for a new trial.

"I wanted to testify because there was so much misinformation," Bashara said. "So many lies, so many pieces of false evidence that were presented that I knew were absolutely incorrect."