Michigan custody case judge: Plaintiff's attorney turned it into 'media circus'

Posted at 4:58 PM, Oct 17, 2017

A judge denied parental rights for a Michigan man convicted of rape and said he did not know of the rape before originally granting joint custody.

Judge Gregory Ross read a statement in court saying he relies on what is presented by Prosecutor Jim Young, who later apologized for his part and said his office made a mistake not establishing who the mother and father were in this case.

Ross originally granted the father joint legal custody. He tossed that consent judgment out to be rewritten.

"I am disappointed in the plaintiff's attorney for turning this into a media circus," Ross said. 

Attorney Rebecca Kiessling, who represented the victim in the case, said she is grateful for going to the media.

"He actually criticized me for going to the media? Thank goodness I did because there never would have been this awareness of what's going on in this country," she said.