Michigan ranks as highest state in United States for identity theft

Posted at 6:26 PM, May 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-24 18:26:59-04

According to a recent study by, Michigan is a hotbed for identity theft.

Michigan comes in at number one in the country.

Local experts say it’s because of family and the workplace.

Fatima says she was a victim of identity theft twice. The first time she believes it was a co-worker.

"The bank wouldn't even talk to me. The minute I told them you have the wrong name and you're not my mortgage holder they hung up," she says.

A few years after she started getting bills from her credit card companies.

She found out her cousin had taken them from her house and used $30,000.

Gary Nitzkin with Credit Repair Lawyers of America says victims in Michigan are often targeted by family and workplace settings.

That’s because it’s easy for them to get your information.

Nitzkin says many people don’t want to report family.

"You don't have to identify who stole your identity, but you still have to give a police report," he says.

To avoid becoming a target don’t put your birthday on Facebook.

Don’t give your personal information in public over the phone.

Keep your social security card at home.

Shred anything you don’t need, everything else can go in a safe.