Michigan Rep. Bettie Cook Scott apologizes for racially charged comments against opponent

Posted at 6:30 PM, Aug 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-17 18:30:53-04

A state representative is apologizing today after making racially-insensitive comments against her opponent during the primary election.

Rep. Bettie Cook Scott says she’s sorry for saying negative things about about Rep. Stephanie Chang and Asian-Americans.

But, her apology leaves some scratching their heads.

“Never have I heard comments before that were so offensive,” said State Rep. Stephanie Chang.


She is shocked after learning that Rep. Bettie Cook Scott made derogatory comments about immigrants and used racial slurs against Chang and Asian-Americans.

This happened at polling locations on primary day.

Rep. Scott said,“Sorry and I apologize.”

She agreed to an interview, although she didn’t answer many questions with anything other than an apology to her constituents.

At one point she denies the comments were racists.

She said, “When there is an election cycle sometime there is adverse opinions.”

She didn’t really apologize directly to Rep. Chang.

But her lawyer says she will when they are face to face.

Rep. Chang won the primary by a wide margin.

Many organizations are calling out Rep. Scott.

Some say she needs to step down.

That includes Rep. Chang’s husband, Sean Gray, who says he heard some of comments made by Scott at a polling place.

He explained,“I can’t accept an apology for something you did for 12 hours. It wasn’t a slip.”

Both representatives are meeting next Thursday. We asked if we could join the media but were told it’s closed to the media.