Michigan Senate Democrats pass 2025 state budget

Joe Tate
Posted at 6:49 AM, Jun 27, 2024

LANSING, Mich. (WXYZ) — Michigan Senate Democrats worked through the night to pass the 2025 state budget, highly criticized by Michigan Republicans.

It includes more resources for students who need them, like at-risk and bilingual education programs, and free school meals for all kids, as well as free community college state-wide.

The student loan stipend program is getting a boost to help attract and retain teachers. And that's on top of funding for maternal and infant health, doula training, and improved Medicaid rates.

More funds will be allocated for creating and refurbishing homes, as well as repairs on roads and bridges, replacing lead pipes, among other projects.

The budget also includes increased access to police and fire services, recreation, quality water, and sewer and trash services.

“Today marks a significant milestone as we pass the FY 2025 State Budget, reaffirming our commitment to building up Michigan,” said Senate Appropriations Chairwoman Sarah Anthony (D-Lansing) in a statement on the passage.

“We are once again setting Michigan up for success by making record investments that will benefit everyone across the state without raising taxes by a penny,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer on the passage. “This budget will grow our economy, fix the damn roads, ensure first responders have the funding to keep our neighborhoods safe, and build a heck of a lot more affordable housing, while also bringing down costs and putting more money back in people’s pockets. As a parent, I know our kids are our number one priority, which is why this budget puts students first by making historic investments to improve learning outcomes from pre-K through college, so that every child can get a world-class education. Together, we are getting things done that make a real difference in people’s lives and ensuring everyone can ‘make it’ in Michigan and will continue to improve learning outcomes so every student can succeed.”