Michigan state bill could prohibit drivers' hand-held phones

Posted at 8:56 PM, May 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-17 21:07:14-04

State Rep Martin Howrylak says traffic fatalities are up in Michigan, and that's why now is the time to crack down on distracting driving.

He's the sponsor behind a new bill that would make it illegal to use a hand held phone to make calls, check email, use social media or browse the internet.

It's all an effort to update current legislation that right now only allows for penalties on text messaging.

"We need to update the language. The issue at hand is really where do you want somebody’s eyes focused when they’re driving? Do you want them focused off the road or do you want them focused on the road?," Howrylak says.

The goal is to push drivers to use voice activation and blue tooth instead.

The bill is now being weighed by the transportation committee. If it clear committee, it will then to the house floor for a vote.