Michigan State Police are preparing for the fireworks show and warning about traffic concerns

Posted at 10:52 PM, Jun 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-26 22:52:34-04
Belle Isle open will as usual at 5 am  but it will be off limits for cars in the morning.
 “The island will reopen tomorrow morning at 5 am for both pedestrians and bicycles to get their morning jog in or their morning bike ride in,” said Lt Michael Show with the Michigan State Police.
For those hoping to secure a spot by vehicle on the island,  for the 8th Annual Ford Fireworks, you will have to wait until 2pm.
According to Lt Shaw that is when cars will be allowed to enter here Belle Isle.
 “Detroit police is asking everyone not to line up on Jefferson because it causes a large traffic hazard,” said Lt Shaw.  “Just be aware if you think you are going to come at 11 o’clock or so and sit on Jefferson to wait to get on the island, DPD is going to ask you to move.”
If you are planning on packing tents and canopies, they should be 9 by 9 feet or smaller.
Also, think again if you were planning on bringing any booze.
“The only time that you can have alcohol on belle isle is if you have a permit,” said Lt Shaw.  “They will not be issuing any permits tomorrow.  So if you don’t already have a permit, no alcohol is permitted.”
Remember, parking on Belle Isle is free for the fireworks, and if anyone asks you to do so call police.
 “We have heard it has happened in the past before we became the law enforcement on the island so we know there were a lot of people concerned about it last year when we tried to have them park on the paddock,” said Lt Shaw.  “They were concerned that they were going to get charged.”
State Police say last year there were no arrests made on he island during the fireworks.
They add no disorderly conduct will be tolerated on the island.