Michigan State Police graduates six canine teams

Posted at 2:21 PM, Dec 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-21 14:22:10-05

On Friday, Michigan State Police graduated six canine teams from the 2015 Basic Canine School, giving MSP 41 canine teams throughout the state.

It was the first group to graduate since December 2013 when 12 teams graduated. The graduates include:

  • Trooper Richard Birmingham and Ike - Assigned to Metro Post
  • Trooper John Robe and Chad - Assigned to Metro Post
  • Trooper Thomas Salcido and Kade - Assigned to Metro Post
  • Trooper Jack Taeff and Rico - Assigned to Monroe Post
  • Trooper Mack Schlicht and Wick - Assigned to Eight District Headquarters
  • Trooper Christopher Carns and Bo - Assigned to Seventh District Headquarters

The school is a 14-week intense training program conducted by veteran canine unit members. Handlers receive more than 550 hours of instruction and the teams covered more than 100 miles on foot while training in tracking, narcotics detection, building search, area search, property search, obedience and aggression.

According to MSP, they use German shepherds because they can handle "the various functions and stress with intelligent problem-solving abilities and a high work drive."