Police shutting down motel, investigating liquor store in Inkster

Posted at 11:30 AM, Feb 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-27 17:50:00-05

Inkster police surrounded a motel and liquor store today searching for code violations.

There was heavy police presence at the scene near John Daly and Michigan.

Police say the Michigan Motel has a history of crime including drugs, violence and city code violations. The liquor store, where the motel has an office, is also being investigated. 

Police say the motel closure will likely be permanent, but the liquor store was only closed for a couple hours.

One woman says she has lived at the motel for five years, but legally, 30 days is the max. Owners of the motel say that their guests are mostly families not criminals and anyone who causes trouble is promptly kicked out. Owners say they even keep a 'do not rent' list they have shared with other motels.

Police say they respond to an excessive number of calls to deal with drug related crime.  Motel owners tell 7 Action News that they are the ones who call police to remove people from their property.  Owners say the troublemakers are not usually guests at the motel.

Multiple agencies, including Michigan State Police, were on scene conducting liquor and fire inspections. They will be providing a list of code violations to the business owners.

One motel guest was arrested.