Milford man accuses neighbor of using gunfire, loud music in attempt to frighten

Posted at 7:08 PM, Jul 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-23 20:22:15-04

Two Milford neighbors are at odds after one says he's been threatened with gunfire, loud music and other means in an effort to intimidate. 

"I'm afraid of him. He's doing, sometimes, scary things," said Vitas K., a Milford man who did not want to use his last name when talking about the things he said his neighbor does in an attempt to frighten and intimidate his family. 

When the alleged harassment, which includes gunfire and loud music, began several years ago, Vitas said he contemplated moving his family somewhere else. 

He's decided against moving but just hopes to be left alone. 

"I built this house with my hands," Vitas said. "I don't want to move nowhere."

Vitas recently reported to police one of the many times he said his next-door neighbor fires his gun in what Vitas believes is an attempt to frighten him, his children, or his elderly mother. 

Milford police told 7 Action News that they responded, but the neighbor was far enough away from Vitas so there was no violation. And, police say, the bullet was fired into the ground and not directed at anyone. 

Standing outside the Shagbark Lane home Vitas and his family have lived in for 20 years, you can see fake skulls painted bright red hanging over the neighbor's fence. That, too, Vitas believes is meant to harass his family, and it is an unsettling sight.

In a recent police report, a Milford police officer wrote that the "two subjects have both annoyed and harassed each other for several years including numerous reports from this departments."

About a week after Vitas reported his neighbor firing his gun, that 58-year-old neighbor called police on what he said appeared to have been a bomb left on his driveway by Vitas. 

Police said the man was "confrontational" with the officer and "demanded that the Chief of Police respond to his home immediately."

The officer indicated that the suspicious item was a bottle with an unspent bullet in it and pieces of paper with obscenities written on them.

Vitas denies leaving the bottle and he believes his next door neighbor is just conjuring up things in an effort to retaliate for him reporting the gunfire.  

Another man who lives nearby, but did not want to appear on camera, said Vitas is the "victim" and that others in the area have had unpleasant encounters with the same neighbor. He said he's worried something bad will happen. 

7 Action News tried reaching the man who lives next door to Vitas, but we've been unable to contact him. 

Click on the video to hear from Vitas and police in Kimberly Craig's report.