Mom accused of embezzeling thousands of dollars

Posted at 6:47 PM, Sep 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-18 18:47:47-04
A mother is accused of embezzling thousands of dollars from the Westland Hockey Association. Sheri Benton, 44, was the treasurer for the hockey club for seven years.
Now she’s accused of stealing nearly $45,000 over the span of a couple of years. She has already been arraigned and faces two charges.
"They're both felony counts. The two court warrants are for embezzlement and writing a non sufficient funds check over $500,” said Sgt. Robert Wilke with the Westland Police Department.
The Westland Hockey Association started the investigation a few weeks ago when a $9,000 check bounced.
"The hockey association came into the department to report that there was a suspicious situation, they thought, they thought some funds might be missing from their hockey association account,” said Wilke.
Eventually, leaders at the hockey association uncovered more missing funds, totaling nearly $45,000.
As to what the money was used for, police can only speculate.
"I can't really comment on that because I don't know it as fact,” said Wilke.
The Westland Hockey Association does have insurance and they have already filed a claim.