More than 1/3 of Americans will travel for Labor Day

Posted at 5:24 AM, Aug 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-31 05:25:14-04

Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end to summer, and many people will celebrate the long weekend by hitting the road and checking out the country.

According to Trip Advisor, 34 percent of Americans plan to travel this weekend.

Of those 34 percent, 27 percent will head to the beach, 25 percent will go into a big city, 11 percent will travel to a park and 10 percent will go to a lake.

The beauty of the state of Michigan and metro Detroit is that you can do all three right in the area without traveling.

MDOT has announced most of the construction projects will be suspended as you hit the road up north this weekend.

Some people will begin their long weekend on Thursday but most are expected to head out on Friday.