WATCH: Firefighters injured, at least one pulled from rubble of Detroit house

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Posted at 2:20 PM, Jul 28, 2022

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Eight firefighters were injured and one was pulled from the rubble of a collapsed vacant house in Detroit on Thursday afternoon.

The scene was at 82 W. Hollywood, near 7 Mile and John R. Video from chopper showed firefighters frantically working to free a trapped firefighter before pulling him out and loading him into an ambulance.

Eight firefighters injured after fire at a house on Detroit's Eastside

Detroit Fire Department Chief James Harris told 7 Action News the house collapsed following a fire and trapped two firefighters in the rubble. The other firefighter who was trapped reportedly was able to free himself.

Fire crews on scene of reported house explosion in Detroit

We're told eight firefighters were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment.

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Detroit Fire Chief James Harris said the firefighter pulled from the rubble is in temporary serious condition. The other injuries included smoke inhalation and heat stroke.

Six of the eight firefighters will be released from the hospital Thursday. The other two will be staying overnight. The firefighter in temporary serious condition has been talking and is in a good mood, DFD said.

Fire fighter rescue effort on Detroit's west side