Mores dates & times added for tours of haunted Eloise Asylum

Posted at 2:14 PM, Oct 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-03 14:55:16-04

After selling out quickly when they were first announced, Detroit Paranormal Expeditions has added more dates and times for the haunted Eloise Asylum in Westland.

“People have always been curious about what’s inside this building,” said Co-Founder of Detroit Paranormal Expeditions Jeff Adkins. 

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The Eloise Asylum opened in 1939, and participated in medical practices that are now deemed to be inhuman. 

“Mental health was treated with things like lobotomies many years ago, electroshock therapy those types of things that aren’t used today,” Adkins said. 

DPX will be giving the guided tours, but those who attend are asked to bring a flashlight as there is no power.

And even if you don’t catch a ghost, there is still plenty to see. 

"So people will like to see some of the things that you don’t really see anymore,” Adkins said. 

For those who weren't able to get tickets, don't worry. DPX said they are planning on doing more tours in 2019, as the response to the 2018 tours "really overwhelmed us." Tickets sold out as soon as they were available. Stay tuned to the DPX Facebook page and website.

In an article titled, "Eloise: Why This One Means So Much," on the DPX website, Jeff Adkins writes that there are plenty of reports of paranormal activity at the asylum, but no one has done an overnight paranormal investigation there.

"In our experience, the places that have never been investigated tend to have the strongest activity. Is it because the spirits there have something to communicate, and they finally have the chance? We think that may be part of the reason. If spirits are still present in Eloise, as we expect, my hope is we are able to help them find peace and move on in some way," Adkins writes.

The tours will last about two hours and go through the Kay Beard Building.