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Detroit's Most Wanted Captured: Jaffar Tawfik arrested in Detroit

Posted at 6:35 PM, Feb 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-01 18:35:24-05

Shots fired and a man nearly killed, all over delivering a paper. Police say the man responsible  who was believed to still be armed and out for revenge is now in custody.

“I threw the newspaper on the porch,” Karlton Perry said.

It’s all documented in surveillance video from November 27 at a house on Montrose on Detroit’s west side.

Perry was delivering coupon fliers and police say Moushtak Abdulkarim clearly wasn’t happy about it.

“He came out and started yelling at me so he picked up the paper and threw it at me,” Perry said.

Perry called his boss who told him to take a picture of the house to ensure they wouldn’t deliver there again.

That outraged Abdulkarim and he brought another man outside. Police identify him as 21-year-old Jaffar Tawfik, Abdulkarim’s son and that’s when police say father and son went on the hunt.

“The son drove up and pointed the gun at me and shot like three shots but they missed,” Perry said.

He says the father also tried to stab him before the men returned home.

“And you see him clear as day, him and the mother and the father arguing by the side of the house,” Garcia said. “Tawfik grabs his gun which is in plain view, starts shooting in the air again.”

But Perry's nightmare was far from over as Tawfik and his father went after him again.

“I felt the bullet hit my back and I fell to the ground and I felt like I couldn’t move or nothing,” Perry said. “All I could do was just pray and hope that the police come like they say they would.”

He says the father and son then tried to get him into the van.

“I think I never would have (been) heard from again, I think I would have just disappeared, I think they would have killed me and threw me somewhere,” Perry said.

Moushtak Abdulkarim was charged with attempted murder, he’s now out on bond. But his son Jaffar Tawfik has been on the run since the shooting while Perry lives with the emotional and physical scars of what happened that day.

“Sometimes I just wanna cry because I’m basically wounded, I’m looking like- I got scars even if I did at some point, I got scars on my body from that situation,” Perry said.

Jaffar Tawfik is five feet ten inches tall and 150 pounds.

“We think this guy is still in the area, he’s either on the west side of Detroit or he has huge ties to Dearborn,” Garcia said.

And that's where he was found, hiding in an attic. Police say he was tracked down thanks to a Detroit's Most Wanted viewer tip.

Garcia says Tawfik is unpredictable.

“My problem here is, we got honest citizens, Detroiters making an honest living, doing a job,” Garcia said. “Supplying for a family and you got this guy, reckless, no regard for anything.”

“If he would shoot a newspaper boy or delivery guy or somebody trying to give you coupons, who else would you shoot?” Garcia said.

There’s was a cash reward for any information leading to the arrest of Jaffar Tawfik.