Detroit's Most Wanted: Harold Nero sought in Victory Inn sex trafficking

Posted at 11:01 AM, May 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-12 23:16:05-04

It was one of the worst sex trafficking rings federal investigators have ever seen.

As the final two men indicted for the horrors at the Victory Inn in Detroit remain fugitives the U.S. Marshals are once again asking for your help.

The Marshals say Harold Nero was the enforcer in the operation, deeming him the most violent of all the people involved in the Victory Inn sex trafficking ring.

“If you’re capable of that, you’re capable of anything,” Deputy Rob Watson said.

As we continue to learn about the heinous acts and conditions at the Victory Inn Motel we’re gaining insight on the men and women police say are responsible.

“There was a six person indictment, we’ve arrested four out of the six – the last two people that are out are Darrick bell and Harold Nero, those are our top priorities right now, they were out trafficking young women forcing them into prostitution, forcing them to do drugs,” Watson said.

Nero is believed to be the most brutal of them all.

“He was right at ground zero hurting these women and forcing what Dereck Bell wanted,” Watson said. “He was forcing these women to do these things and if they didn’t do what was ordered – he’d be the one to hurt them.”

Moving him to the top of the Marshals most wanted list.

“These guys are capable of anything, Harold Nero has a long history of breaking the law,” Watson said.

Including drugs, guns and theft and now sex trafficking and maintaining a drug house.  Nero is believed to still be in the Metro Detroit area.

“There were many deaths involved, Watson said. “This guy has got to get caught.”

Harold Nero is 6’4” 260 pounds, he has tattoos on his arms and chest and should be considered armed and dangerous.

“Somebody knows where he is, somebody knows where he’s laying his head at night and it’s that one tip that we need to put this person behind bars,” Watson said.

The Marshals are offering a reward for information leading them to Nero.  You can call them anytime at (313) 234- 5656 and remain anonymous.