Detroit's Most Wanted: Michael McGrath wanted for sexually assaulting disabled woman

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A mentally disabled woman was sexually assaulted in Detroit, now police need your help finding the man responsible.

Michael McGrath has a long criminal history but this is his most disturbing alleged offense - and it was all caught on camera.

“This guy committed a crime that is unthinkable,” Deputy U.S. Marshal Aaron Garcia said.

Police have been on the hunt for 55-year-old McGrath since May of 2016.

“The victim’s mother and McGrath are lifetime friends. She befriends McGrath, she lets him into her house, she moves him in the house,” Garcia said.

The victim is a 37-year-old mentally disabled woman who lived in the home with McGrath and her mother, who kept a close eye on her daughter.

“She’s got surveillance video just to check on her daughter and make sure her daughters ok,” Garcia said. “And while she’s reviewing the video to check on the daughter what does she see?”

The U.S. Marshals say the video clearly captures her daughter being sexually assaulted by McGrath.

“So he sexually assaults her, the mom finds out about this and this guy’s nowhere to be found,” Garcia said.

McGrath is no stranger to police with a criminal history dating back to 1989.

“Robbing people, burglary, narcotics, I mean this guy’s criminal history just goes on and on and on,” Garcia said. “Fourth habitual offender and now he got wrapped up in this sex assault”

Michael Francis McGrath is 5-feet-11 and 170 pounds. The Marshals say he uses heroin, may be homeless and using a fake name.

“We do have information he’s using drugs, he may be in the Schaefer and Fenkell area – Shaefer, Fenkell, Greenfield 5 Mile,” Garcia said. “He needs to get locked up, he needs to go back to jail.”

As always there’s a cash reward for any information leading the U.S. Marshals to Michael McGrath.  You can call them anytime at (313) 234-5656.

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