Man wanted for shooting father in front of kids

Posted at 6:22 PM, Jan 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-22 11:59:24-05

A father was killed in front of his kids and police say the brazen gunman is one of Detroit's Most Wanted.

They are releasing new surveillance video - hoping someone recognizes him and can call in some clues.

Police say if this gunman could open fire in broad daylight, at a gas station, killing a father in front of kids, they don't know what else he's capable of doing and that's why they need to get him off the streets right away.

It's was Saturday August 29th at around seven in the evening. Twenty-three year old Andre Johnson, his girlfriend and their two babies are on their way home from a family barbecue.

They stop at a gas station at East Vernor and Mt. Elliot because the vehicle they're in needs oil.

Andre's girlfriend gets out of their SUV, pops the hood and goes inside the store. What happens next is just heartbreaking.

Police say the suspect came from behind the gas station, approached the car and leaned in firing 9 shots inside the car.

In the backseat were Andre's young children - just one and three-years old.

Now police are hunting for this cold-blooded killer who took a father away from his family.

If you have any information about this shooting your urged to call Detroit Police's Homicide Tip Line at 313-596-2260 or Crime Stoppers at 1 (800) SPEAK UP.

Remember you can remain anonymous when calling both numbers.