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Detroit's Most Wanted: Travis Nelson accused of trying to kill three people

Posted at 11:12 AM, Oct 05, 2017

He tried to kill three people and police are afraid he’s out to finish the job.

Police say Travis Nelson stalked out his ex-girlfriend with every intention of killing her, but that’s not his first run in with the law.  With a long criminal history and connections on the west side The U.S. Marshals need your help finding the man at the top of their most wanted list.

“Nelson’s whole history revolves around stolen property and narcotics and he just stepped it up a whole other level,” Deputy U.S. Marshal Aaron Garcia.

The Marshals have been hunting for Nelson since May of 2016, just 17 days after he was released from prison.

“Nelson’s seen driving up and down his ex-girlfriends neighborhood,” Garcia said.

Police say Nelson stalked his ex and two men in a van in front of a west side home on Mendota then pulled out his AK-47.

“He unloads on them, takes about 10-12 shots,” Garcia says. “Two of the people got shot seriously hit and the female took shrapnel metal- so everyone was hit in this car.”

Police say Nelson left them for dead, landing himself at the top of the U.S. Marshals Most Wanted list.

“One of the rounds struck one of the victims, grazed his neck – he was trying to kill these people!” Garcia said. “And he didn’t finish his job so we’re worried what’s happening next.”

Travis Nelson is 28-years-old, he’s 6’3” and 170 pounds with a large distinct scar on the right side of his face. He’s from Detroit’s West Side and should be considered armed and dangerous.

“Nelson’s a career guy from Detroit, he’s in the neighborhood somewhere we just need to find him and we need your help,” Garcia said.

There’s a reward for information leading to Nelson’s arrest, you can call the U.S. Marshals anytime at (313) 234-5656 and remember you can remain anonymous.