US Marshals search for career criminal

Posted at 6:53 PM, May 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-12 18:53:38-04

Michael Brown knows a life of crime with a rap sheet dating back to the 1960s, he's been caught with copious amounts of drugs, body armor and machine guns.

Since cutting his tether in 2014, the US Marshals say Brown’s had no choice but to return to his life of crime.

“Twenty-four fire arms including revolvers, semi-automatics, shotguns, Uzi’s – 24 weapons that this guy was bringing into the city of Detroit, to our neighborhoods, to my neighborhood, to your neighborhood,” Deputy US Marshals Aaron Garcia said.

At 68-year-old he says Brown is a career criminal.

“He was in possession of body armor, weapons and kilograms of heroin,” Garcia said. “He was convicted of his federal charges and he was actually sentenced to 15 years federal custody.”

But in 2014 Brown was let out on parole after serving less than four years and, shortly after, he cut his tether and ran.

“This is what’s driving all of this violent crime in our neighborhood,” Garcia said. “We’ve been looking for this guy for two years, we know he’s still in the area, we know he’s still in Detroit.”

Garcia says brown normally wears glasses, dresses well and wears Kangol and fedora hats.

He says Brown’s left eye may open slightly less than his right and that his right ear is very distinct, not rounded on top.

“This guy, he may not be wanted for single handedly killing somebody or pulling the trigger, but he’s doing our communities the exact same injustice by bringing these weapons, pushing them out to our streets,” Garcia said.

Brown has family in Detroit, Melvindale and Westland, possibly using another ID.

Authorities say he may be using his association with Narcotics Anonymous to continue his drug dealing ways.

“We need the one tip to close this guy down, to shut this guy’s shop down,” Garcia said.

Brown is 5’8” 180 pounds from Detroit's west side.

If you see him or know where he is, call the US Marshals anytime at (313) 234-5656 and remember, there are rewards being offered for each of our fugitives featured this week.