Mother, 3 kids meet strangers who saved them from fiery crash in Macomb County

Posted at 7:29 PM, Dec 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-29 19:30:38-05

CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, MICH. (WXYZ-TV) — Nearly two weeks after a fiery car crash could have taken their lives, Nicole Brace and her three kids finally met the strangers who pulled them to safety.

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They reunited at the Chesterfield Township Police Department Tuesday to exchange thanks and holiday presents, after a tragic two-car accident brought them together nearly two weeks ago.

“I wanted to know who these people were that saved me," Brace told Action News. "I wanted to know the ending to the story."

That story started Dec. 16 when Brace and her three kids, ages 5, 8, and 13 were driving on Hickey Road and Gratiot and they got into a crash; their SUV flipped.

Ron Racchia and his brother Jim were driving home from spending time up north when they saw it happen.

"We just saw the car tumbling across the lanes," Ron said.

The brothers quickly pulled over and jumped out to help, grabbing extra jackets from their car.

"I just went into dad mode," said Jim Racchia, once he saw Brace's three kids were also inside the vehicle.

Another Good Samaritan, Davey Frame, pulled Nicole from her SUV, which had landed on a utility pole.

The four managed to leave the scene with minor scrapes and bruises. Brace said it was her eldest son who woke her up to try and get his mother and younger siblings to safety.

The rescue happened so quickly, she didn't have time to properly thank the three strangers who saved her and her kids; so she did what anyone in 2020 does when they need to find someone: she posted to Facebook, in search of her Good Samaritans.

The post quickly went viral, and Brace was able to connect with the three men.

“They’re my angels and I thank God for them every day," she said.

Brace's kids delivered thank you cards and Christmas baskets to them. Brace said she'd hoped the post could connect them.

"I knew there was a few of them. It would have been easy to find one or two people, but I'm like I've got a few people to find," she said of the Facebook post. "I had no expectations for it to go as it did."

"I'm really thankful for them," she said.