Mother, children left to deal with cockroach infestation at Inkster housing unit

Posted at 9:19 PM, Sep 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-21 23:11:56-04

Erica Perryman says she and her children have been living with roaches for a few years at Lemoyne Gardens, and says the Inkster Housing Commission has done little to nothing to help get the roaches out of her unit. 

“It’s an infestation," Perryman said. "Its horrible. They come out all times a day, at night the floors are covered in them." 

Perryman took a video of the cockroaches, showing them crawling behind a door and scattered along the walls. 

“I have been to the office several times to discuss this matter and they don’t care,” Perryman said. 

Perryman is not the only person with complaints living at Lemoyne Gardens. Residents of other housing units say they have issues with mold, water leaks, unsecured gas lines and more. 

“That is ridiculous. People shouldn’t live in these conditions,” said Andrew Cater, president of the Resident Council at Lemoyne Gardens. 

7 Action News interviewed Paul Bollinger, interim director for the Inkster Housing Commission, and showed him the video of Perryman’s unit. 

“Myself, the board of Inkster Housing Commission, the staff of Inkster housing does not condone the conditions of these units,” Bollinger said. 

He says they will work to improve the condition of the units. 

In the mean time, Perryman and her children will continue to all sleep in the same bed, fearful for roaches crawling on them in the night. 

“It’s stressing me out," Perryman said. "I feel like I failed as a mother. Like I don’t want my children to have to go through this. Why should they have to?”