Muslim leaders say they are ‘rattled’ after someone try to break into Rochester mosque

Posted at 10:23 AM, Oct 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-10 11:04:14-04

ROCHESTER, MI (WXYZ) — Iman Shamshab Nasir has many questions.

“Who did it? Why he did it? What intention brought him here?"

Because on Friday, the front door of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Center and Mosque were shattered.

A man caught on surveillance is seen walking towards the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Center and Mosque late Friday evening moments before it happened.

“They smashed he door, they broke the door in. Some kids might have been walking around at that point and they saw the kids and walked away,” said Muhammad Ahmad. He’s the director of outreach at the community center.

He believes the attempted break-in happened shortly after Friday night prayers.

“I was a little rattled like this never happened here. Even though we hear stories across other place,” he adds.

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office tells Seven Action News that they “don’t know if it’s a targeted event or not” but another business near by was also broken into on the same night.

Whether is was random or intentional leaders say hired is not what they stand for at the community center.

“We want to establish peace, love, understanding and building the bridge between communities,” adds Iman Nasir.

In a statement to us they say “We are sharing this information so that our Interfaith Communities can exercise extra caution and be vigilant while attending their places of worship. We are praying for the safety of all Interfaith Community members and places of worship.”

“During the prayer we prayed that whoever this person is may God give him he right path,” said Ahmad.

Even with shattered glass on the ground and a broken front door, Iman says their doors are always open.

“This small incident can not make us close our doors,” said Nasir.