“My baby lay on that table cold as ice,” mother speaks out after daughter dies in stolen car crash

Posted at 6:02 PM, Sep 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-12 17:20:28-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — New details in that deadly Saturday night crash on Detroit’s east side - after a stolen SUV slammed into a tree.

It happened on East McNichols near Bradford and we’re learning the girl who died, was just 13 years old.

Another girl who was inside that car is recovering at Ascension St. John Hospital.

Ansariah Musafir had three daughters in that SUV. Her 16-year-old is still in the hospital with a fractured spine.

Her 15-year-old, whose birthday was Saturday, suffered a broken collar bone.

Her 13-year-old, who was set to start high school Tuesday, died.

Saturday night at Gunston and East McNichols a stolen maroon Tahoe pulled out of a gas station. Seconds later came the crash.

“God. That call is a call no mother ever wants to get,” says Musafir. “She said ‘Mamma, we just saw a tree and the next thing there was a lot of smoke.’”

Inside the car were 7 girls, three of them sisters. Another was a god-sister.

Some were ejected, including Ansariah’s daughter Damaura Perkins, who would’ve turned 14 in October.

“My baby lay on that table cold as ice,” she says. “I kissed her lips, they cold. I opened her eyes. I wanted to see them. I wanted to see her teeth. Did she have her teeth still? I wanted to see. It's the worst thing anyone ever want to feel.”

Also inside the SUV was Ansariah’s 16-year-old daughter Dasariah Perkins, who is still in the hospital with a dislocated hip and a fractured spine. As well as her sister, Durrah Perkins, whose 15th birthday was being celebrated that day.

Their god-sister Demarshiana also taken to the hospital with a fractured collarbone.

Their moms say they had no idea the car was stolen. The driver, police say, ran away from the crash.

A grieving mother has a message for that driver.

“I know it was an accident. It was an accident baby,” says Ansariah. “I know you didn’t mean for Damaura to die. I know you didn’t even know my daughter. She was only 13 though. She was a cheerleader captain. She stayed on honor roll. She was supposed to be a lawyer. Here she had a 10 year plan. You didn’t know her, but you made a bad decision. And we all do. And we all got to pay for them. But you will be found anyway so you might as well just turn yourself in.”

Police tell me that they do not have that driver in custody and are still working to find out who and where she is.