Singapore Airlines bills passenger $1,200 for internet usage while flying

Posted at 1:19 PM, Nov 18, 2014

That’s some golden Wi-Fi.

A man flying from London to Singapore who bought a $29 Wi-Fi package was shocked to receive a $1,200 Internet bill upon landing, the Washington Post reports.

“You know that epic feeling when your flight ends and you finally get to your destination?” wrote Jeremy Gutsche, a CEO of Canadian technology site Trend Hunter, on his blog. “Now imagine taking those first steps off the plane, syncing your phone, and getting a $1,200 bill for airplane internet use.”

Gutsche tweeted a copy of the bill, which was for $28.99 for 30 MB of Internet access, plus $1,142.47 in overage fees.



Gutsche said on his blog that he visited about 150 pages. He estimated that a Powerpoint file he uploaded cost about $100.

"I hope my team liked it," he wrote.

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