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Gest Carts launches free, all-electric rides for passengers

Posted at 4:52 PM, Dec 06, 2021

These days, Rhonda Harris is offering a much greener option for people to travel from point A to B.

“It’s a souped-up golf cart,” said Harris. “It’s all electric.”

It’s a new, uniquely designed form of transportation that’s grabbing instant attention and leaving customers curious.

She and her wife, Murjani Harris, just launched Gest Carts Denver, an environmentally-friendly ride-share service designed to take passengers anywhere downtown within a 2-mile radius.

“It’s so congested down here, just for example, to get to a basketball game. Sometimes you've got to park so far away,” said Harris.

Harris says Gest eases the burden of having to walk that final mile or two.

With ride-hailing services, like an Uber or Lyft, customers can download the Gest Cart app. But unlike the others, Gest earns 100% of the profits through advertisements.

This ride is totally free for customers.

The fully electric, five-passenger carts have launched in big cities across the country, like Chicago, Cincinnati and Detroit, and soon it'll be launching in Charlotte and Las Vegas.

Harris says its overall response has been positive, but not without questions. She says the only pushback so far has come from older, more traditional driving companies.

“Taxicab drivers say we’re taking all their money, but we don’t have to charge everybody for everything,” said Harris.

She says they plan to add up to 10 more Gest carts with day and night shifts, in turn bringing in more jobs.

She says now is the time for a ride-share that’s safer for both passengers and for the environment.

“The air quality is really bad here, so why not now? Why not create or launch a ride service that can get people around and you’re not polluting the air?”