Parents want refund after infant injured at NFL game

Posted at 11:16 PM, Oct 02, 2017

The Arizona Cardinals versus the San Francisco 49ers. It was supposed to be a trip to remember for an Albuquerque couple.  A family of 49ers fans. But they would rather forget it.

They say their infant was rushed to the hospital after a pole came crashing down and hit the baby's head.

Three-month-old Julian Trujillo spent five hours in the hospital on Sunday, according to his father, Richard Trujillo. Trujillo said it was before kick-off, a metal pole that was being torn down in a kids area came crashing down. 

"It ended up falling as I was walking and hitting him on the side of the head," Richard Trujillo said.

What's worse, he said there was no urgency from the staff in getting them help.

"He (staffer) walked us into the stadium and his concern was scanning our tickets first," Trujillo said.

Monique Trujillo, the baby's mother said he was screaming and crying at this point. 

Nearly an hour later, Richard Trujillo says the baby was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital by ambulance. 

"They (stadium) also told us it would not be covered and this would be on our hands and we'd have to cover it, but it was not our fault," Trujillo said.

Trujillo said the hospital staff told them the baby may have a concussion, but it's hard to know in a child this young.

Trujillo says he talked to the head of stadium operations today and he offered to pay for the medical expenses. They're hoping the flight from Albuquerque, tickets to the game and hotel costs will also be taken care of. 

Cardinals spokesperson Mark Dalton sent us this statement on behalf of the team: 

We are obviously very concerned and feel terrible what happened to the Trujillo family during their visit to University of Phoenix Stadium. We are in the process of gathering the reports and other information from the individuals involved to understand exactly what took place. We communicated with the family both Sunday and today to again express our concern and to let us know of any medical expenses as well as others incurred from missing the game so that we can reimburse them.

"To get him to his first game was a big thing. We were hoping to remember this for all the right reasons, not all the wrong reasons," Richard Trujillo said.