President Trump donates second quarter salary to the Small Business Administration, White House says

Posted: 2:40 PM, Oct 03, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-03 21:04:25Z

President Trump is donating his second-quarter presidential salary to the Small Business Administration, the White House said at a press briefing Wednesday. 

"He clearly understands the value of small businesses," Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon said. 

McMahon said the check would go toward established a veterans program called "Merging Leaders," which would help them transition from military life into private sector small business jobs. 

President Trump has pledged to donate his $400,000 a year annual Presidential salary to charities and government administrations. In May, he donated a portion to his salary to the Department of Veteran's Affairs .

In February, Trump donated a quarter of his annual salary to the Department of Transportation .

Last summer, a portion of Trump's salary went to the Department of Education .