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The List: How to use pumpkins in your workout

Posted at 2:35 PM, Nov 03, 2014

Pumpkins can help you carve a horrifyingly beautiful body. Skip the pie-making and use one to get yourself in shape.


The Mummy Swing
Start in a standing position and swing the pumpkin from side to side, engaging your core.

The Pumpkin Plank
Hold your pumpkin to the ground and rest in the plank position, then swing your legs out one at a time.

The Lacerated Lunge
Step forward into a lunge, give it a twist, get back up and repeat.

The Spine-Tingling Sumo Squat
Simply hold the pumpkin and squat and lift, repeating the action.

The Absolutely Terrifying Ab Twist
Sit on the ground and twist side to side, holding the pumpkin.