Trump defends manager in town hall meeting

Trump defends manager in town hall meeting
Posted at 9:48 PM, Mar 29, 2016
The officer wrote, "Fields showed me her left forearm, which revealed bruising from what appeared to be several finger marks indicating a grabbing type injury.”
Fox News announced the booking on air Tuesday afternoon.  Around that time, Trump took to Twitter in support of Lewandowski, claiming the reporter grabbed him and Lewandowski was just doing his job.
Furthermore, Trump claimed that Fields exaggerated on how Lewandowski handled the situation. Trump claims his manager merely brushed the reporter aside, claiming that Fields changed her story after realizing the incident had been taped.
At the town hall, Trump noted to Anderson Cooper that it “would have been easier to fire him,” igniting laughs from the crowd by noting he did it “all the time” on his show “The Apprentice.”
However, he added that he refused to take action that would wrongly destroy Lewandowski’s life, explaining, “I stick up for people when people are unjustly accused."
Trump is also unhappy that police did not question him about the incident before charging Lewandowski, a point he brought up in Tuesday’s town hall.
Meanwhile, Fields is sticking to her version of the events and refusing to back down.