Phoenix woman says her apartment is being overrun by scorpions

Posted at 11:05 PM, Oct 31, 2017

When you decide to live in the desert, you most likely understand some of your neighbors will be scorpions.

But, a Phoenix woman says her apartment complex near is being overrun by scorpions.

She asked KNXV to get involved after she said the management of the Banyantree Apartment was not helping. 

"That's it when it was by the wall," said LaPorsha Jones, as she showed pictures of scorpions on her phone.

Jones said she has lived in the complex since April, and has found dozens of scorpions on her own. She even sought out help from pest control workers on the property. She says they told her something shocking.

"He caught 1,052 [scorpions] and he said, that's not even half of them," Jones said.

On top of the scorpions, we noticed more problems all across Jones's apartment.

There was what appeared to be black mold in the bathroom, and more in the window sill in the living room. 

She pointed out brown water leaking from her refrigerator, and told us she got sick from using the tap water to cook. She now uses only bottled water. 

Jones said she had asked management to fix all of these issues, as well as the scorpions, but nothing has been resolved.

So, our reporter walked into the office and asked for the manager.

A woman sitting at the front desk went to get her, but about a minute later there was a major change in tone. That same woman told our crew there would be no interview. 

They gave us a number to call for a comment, but after calling and leaving a voicemail, no one ever returned our calls for answers.

So, we took action and went above their head to get help for this woman. We contacted the city of Phoenix who gave our team a direct number and person that Jones could talk to.