9,000 without power following storms overnight

Posted: 6:53 AM, Aug 01, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-01 19:48:42Z
9,000 without power following storms overnight

Severe storms overnight in metro Detroit have left thousands of people without power on Wednesday. 

According to DTE Energy, about 27,000 people were without power, most of the power outages were in western Wayne County. That number was updated to 9,000 by the afternoon. 


DTE gives these tips if you see a downed power line

  • Stay at least 20 feet away from a downed power line and anyone or anything in contact with it, even if there are no sparks. A live wire may whip or sweep through a wide area looking for a ground. A ground is the earth or something touching the earth, like a fence, puddle or even a tree. A live wire that has already found a ground may lie silent, but be equally deadly. Call us immediately at  800.477.4747  if you see a downed power line.
  • If a downed power line comes in contact with your vehicle, stay inside and wait for help. If you must get out because of a fire or other danger, jump clear of the vehicle without touching it and the ground at the same time. Then hop with both feet together or shuffle away. Do not run or stride.
  • Be extremely cautious near metal fences, which conduct electricity, following a severe storm. Electric current will be the strongest where a downed wire is touching a metal fence, but even a connecting fence several backyards away can be energized and dangerous.
  • Never cross the yellow barrier tape around downed power lines.
  • Cable or telephone lines can be energized if they come in contact with electrical lines. Contact with any energized line can be fatal.