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Need a snack? 13-year-old's pop-up business returns to John R.

Posted at 1:51 PM, Jun 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-23 08:44:28-04

(WXYZ) — For the past three years, Maddie Young of Detroit has brought her pop-up snack bar to the corner of John R. Road and Harper Avenue in Detroit.

“We have multiple regulars. They get sausages and hot dogs or smoothies too as well," Maddie said.

Her business, which offers treats like skittles, starbursts, sausages, and more was inspired by her parents.

“So my parents, they work late all the time so they would have enough money for us. So when I was little, I wanted to have my own job so I can try to bring in money for them so they wouldn’t have to be working on their own," she said.

This was a thought she had at just seven years old. Her mom says at dinner one day, Maddie got to work on her menu.

"I told her that was everything I wanted for my business, and now this is my business and I sell food and stuff,” Maddie said.

At 10 years old, Maddie's business began. Three years later, the business is still going strong. But a project that started off as a desire to fix a need quickly turned into one of passion.

“I still wanna help my parents out with bills and stuff like that but I do have a bank account that I put my own money into because when I get older I wanna go to college or have my own business,” Maddie said.

Maddie plans on one day growing her snack bar into a food truck.

She said she'd still sell her regular food items including sausages, hot dogs, and nachos. But she'd also bring back some old favorites like hamburgers and chocolate.

"And my grandpa wanted us to add some soups and sandwiches so I'll probably add that too,” she said.

Until then, Maddie can be seen on the corner of John R. And Harper every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday building up for her future business.

“Most of the candy are $1. The hotdogs they're $3. The sausages [are] $4. Walking tacos $6. And, we also have combos were the sausages and hot dogs, those are $6 and they come with a drink a cookie or chips.”

And for kids hoping to one day do what Maddie is doing, here are some words of advice.

“I’d say you got this! Honestly, you can really do whatever you put your mind to. That’s always what I’ve been told when I was little and they were right cause now I'm here," Maddie said.