Neighbor rescues 96-year-old Detroit woman from house fire

Posted: 5:44 PM, Aug 30, 2016
Updated: 2016-08-30 20:11:18-04
A Detroit woman has her neighbor to thank for saving her from a house fire.

June Fries, a 96-year-old still living independently in her home on Hillcrest Street says she was asleep when a washing machine in her basement caught fire.

She woke up to the sound of her fire alarm around 1:00 a.m. Tuesday morning. "I turned to turn off my alarm, I though it was making the noise. I turned off the air conditioning and thought no it was making the noise, then I went downstairs then when I opened the basement door smoke came out."

The alarm company called her emergency contact Glenn Fenderson, a neighbor across the street.

"As soon as I got there her door was open and I went and got her and put her over my shoulder and carried her out and got her over to my house," Fenderson said.

Fenderson says he was acting on instincts when he saved the woman he's known for more than two decades.

They may live as neighbors, but they say their bond is more like family.

"So, am I your hero?," he asked while sitting on his living room couch next to Fries. "Ya you're my hero," she replied.

Fries will be back in her home as soon as the basement is aired out.