Neighbor unleashes barrage of bullets at Michigan woman's home

Posted at 5:02 PM, Dec 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-23 18:13:28-05

A neighbor reportedly unleashed more than three dozen rounds of bullets at a woman in White Lake Township near Bogie Lake on the 11200 block of Lake Haven Drive.

Moments after Barb Abela opened her door, she said a gunman directly opened fire at her.

"I heard 'pow pow' and I opened up the door," she said. "All I heard was my neighbor scream, 'You're dead, b***h,' and felt stuff flying at me."

Round after round hit the truck, the porch, the siding and pierced through her home Friday night. 

"Thank God my dog wasn't there, otherwise she would've been riddled with bullets," Abela said.

She said because of construction and pet issues, tensions between neighbors escalated so much over the three years since she and her husband moved in. 

Police suggested they keep a gun with them, she said.

"We always carry loaded (guns) because our neighbors have screamed at us that they wish we'd f*****g die or move," Abela said.

She also said police told them to install cameras that captured the onslaught of bullets, and the SWAT response that followed eventually got the neighbor to give up five hours after the first shots.

"I'm lucky that my husband wasn't home and my son wasn't home," she said.