Neighbors concerned about growing hole in street

Posted at 4:44 PM, Aug 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-21 16:47:55-04

As our 7 Action News crews were on the way to another story, a viewer flagged our news van down to tell us about a big hole in the street.

It's on Moran Street near Davison in Detroit.

"It's like a sinkhole or something," Hamza Omasan said. "As you can see, you can probably fit a 10-year-old in there."

Hamza Omasan says the hole on Moran Street can do more than just damage cars.

"Kids riding bicycles, not paying attention to it."

He owns Top Gearz Auto Sales and says people drive over the hole, making it a lot worse.

He sold a car to a buyer and right after they put a new license plate on, the driver went over the hole causing $300 worth of damage.

"Ended up repairing his vehicle for him."

Hamza noticed the hole about two months ago when it wasn't as big.

But it has grown and it looks like it's growing some more and it's at least three feet deep, maybe even more.

"I'm imagining it is an expensive fix now. I don't want to imagine it after a couple of months," he said.

He called the city, unsure if it was the right department, and left voicemails explaining the situation, but didn't hear back.

"At least speak to somebody or send somebody over here just to take a look at it."

City crews arrived about two hours after 7 Action News called the city.

The water and sewer department put a temporary plate over the hole and plan to send a camera in to investigate before making a permanent fix.

That makes Hamza happy he called us to take action.

He added, "Make Detroit a better place."

City officials want residents to download their "Improve Detroit" app, where issues like the one can be reported.