Netflix show 'Motown Magic' introduces kids to Motown music

Posted: 6:03 PM, Dec 04, 2018
Updated: 2018-12-05 07:47:19-05

Detroiters know how special Motown music can be. Now, it’s being introduced to a younger crowd through a new show.

Netflix’s ‘Motown Magic’ is about a boy named Ben and his friends, who take on new adventures in Motown.

“It’s pretty awesome! I’m not even a kid and I’m excited about it,” said Drew Schultz.

He is the program manager of the Motown Museum.

“Each episode they come up against a challenge and have to learn a life lesson facing adversity and each episode featured a classic Motown song newly recorded by a contemporary artist.”

It’s similar to Netflix’s Beat Bugs, except that show uses Beatles songs.

“To have them introduced to a younger generation in such an accessible fashion for kids and families alike, it’s wonderful.”

The Netflix show debuted late November and is already getting a lot of buzz.

Drew says it’s clear Motown is multi-generational and hopes the cartoon influences little ears and will bring them back to were the songs were born.

“Having Motown Magic for the world will not only spark a resurgence of love for Motown with the older audience who’s kids are watching it but those kids are going to want to come and see where it all began themselves, so come down to the real Motown Museum,” Schultz explained.